MIARNG Installs TeleSwivel Power Articulation Hitch on Tactical Vehicles

MIARNG Installs TeleSwivel Power Articulation Hitch on Tactical Vehicles

TeleSwivel Power Articulation Hitch on Medium Tactical Vehicle

We are pleased to announce that the Michigan Army National Guard (MIARNG) has recently installed TeleSwivel’s Power Articulation Hitch on a Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) 5-ton trucks at the Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver training Center. The hitch will be used for demonstration by soldiers in National Guard units rotating into Camp Graying for training.

The important role of trailers in the military cannot be understated. Trailers are critical for transporting mission-essential equipment and supplies to soldiers in the field. Weapons systems, equipment, tactical power, water and ammunition are routinely transported on trailers.

Unfortunately, connecting to trailers can be a frustrating – even dangerous – task, made more difficult by tough terrain and weather conditions. Current hitches require exact truck-trailer alignment with limited visibility; waste time and fuel; cause vehicle damage; and can result in soldier injuries and risk of loss of life. TeleSwivel's patented Power Articulation Hitch moves the truck’s pintle to the trailer lunette and makes a dangerous, time-consuming and manpower-intensive task a one-person operation that can be completed in a matter of seconds.
In addition to benefiting tactical fleets in the military, the TeleSwivel Medium Power Articulation Hitch can be easily adapted for towing to other medium-heavy vocational trucks in the commercial sector, including agriculture, construction/infrastructure, energy, equipment rental, landscaping and utilities.
According to Founder and CEO Dave Woolf, “We couldn’t be more excited that the Michigan Army National Guard is supporting the development of the TeleSwivel Power Articulation Hitch with Soldier demos to give us the best feedback available on the hitch’s operation. Every second counts in tactical and emergency response operations. Soldiers cannot afford to lose time and risk loss of life trying to hitch or unhitch a trailer. Our goal is to speed-up this task, stop Soldiers from having to muscle heavy trailers, and most important, get Soldiers out from between moving trucks and heavy trailers.”
Learn more about TeleSwivel’s Power Articulation hitch here or contact us at orders@teleswivel.com for more information. 
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