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February 20, 2012
TeleSwivel® Accessory Channel hitches have you covered. No matter what type of trailer you have or may buy or rent...Read More

January 31, 2012
Williams Innovations announced today the completion of an agreement to include...Read More


The fastest, easiest, safest way to connect a trailer. Ever!

Towing is a big part of life—at work or play. However, hooking up a trailer is hard—a lot harder than it needs to be. TeleSwivel®(formerly Williams Innovations) puts you on the road faster, doing what you want to do. Whether you connect several different trailers many times a day, or just once on the weekend, reduce your Total Cost of Trailering™ with TeleSwivel® brand proximity hitches.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

The TeleSwivel technology is a game changer for us in terms of more efficient and safer trailer operations, said Bret Wolf, Strategic Purchasing Manager at Sunbelt Rentals. Initial trials indicate that we'll be saving 6-8 minutes on every trailer hook-up, and we connect to trailers thousands of times per month. We estimate that TeleSwivel will save more than 197,000 gallons of fuel and $2.21 million across our fleet each year, he added.

This system not only mitigates existing risk, but also reduces manpower requirements for conducting trailer operations. This system is long overdue and needed in the field NOW." Lieutenant Colonel Jason C., Aviation Brigade Executive Officer

I enthusiastically recommend the products from Williams Innovations. I would also recommend the Williams Innovations Team to anyone who has a problem concerning towing operations or trailer stability. They are an outstanding resource that provides innovative, easy to use, and cost effective solutions to complex problems." Chief Warrant Officer 5 William S., Senior Maintenance Officer

"With the TeleSwivel in place, I hooked up and un-hooked the boat trailer several times, and each time I had no issues. My wife was surprised at how quickly we could do this instead of going forward and backward numerous times before we could get directly under the receiver to hook-up. You are definitely on the right design track." Steve S., Senior Logistics Management Specialist

"What's your payback? Click to calculate now."

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