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TeleSwivel® provides solutions to your towing headaches!

Towing is a big part of life—at work or play. Whether you connect several different trailers many times a day, or just once on the weekend, we've got a solution for you. Read the following stories to see how people like you solve their towing problems with TeleSwivel® hitches!

Traditionally, connecting a truck and trailer is a time-consuming, fuel-wasting, accident-prone process. Our TeleSwivel® brand of proximity hitches is the fastest, easiest and safest way of connecting a trailer. We have over 10 years of experience providing these hitches (and other trailer safety components) to the US military, and adapted that technology to develop our commercial product line. We are selling to the top fleets in the country, and working to expand our fleet program.

Our Total Cost of Trailering™ program can save fleets hundreds of dollars per truck per month in reduced fuel and labor costs while simultaneously reducing emissions and improving safety.


Commercial Fleet

Sending work crews out in the morning to different job sites can require getting dozens of trailers connected to trucks.  While the crews are pretty good at connecting a trailer, it usually takes a couple attempts to get correctly aligned to be able to drop the coupler on the hitch—time that is better spent getting to work. 

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State emergency vehicle

Government Fleet

Managing a state, county, or municipal fleet involves connecting a lot of trucks to many different types of trailers, with a variety of different challenges: Public works, parks and recreation, water and sewer are but a few of the different responsibilities. Hitching up those trucks and trailers is time-consuming and runs a risk of injury, especially with many different drivers.

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Do you have multiple work crews that need to have equipment at the job sites? Do you move equipment from place to place, but unhook the trailer while the work is being completed? Do you find reconnecting the trailer each time you need to move it to be time wasted since you are not on the job?

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military equipment


Our innovative, patented products are designed to improve the safety and effectiveness of our men and women in uniform. Our products are easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

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SUV pulling camper



Does trouble connecting your RV keep you off the open road? Do you hate the constant back-and-forth to hook up? Does your backup camera not help as much as you think it should?


Ever wake up and decide not to go boating because it was such a pain to hook up your trailer? Is your trailer hard to get to? Is it difficult to get lined up on the first time? Do you have to get someone else to help you?


Going to a horse show to compete is one of the highlights of being a rider. Trailering your horse to the show is not....

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