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"Williams Innovations has exemplary products on the market for military use. The products are designed with safety in mind that is paramount in all military applications. I have seen and used their products without any hesitation concerning safety and ease of application. The TeleSwivel® line is what we need on all of our wheeled trailers and applicable prime movers for a safe truck to trailer connection that will utilize minimal soldier operations. We currently have the TeleSwivel® product on 2 each M1097 R1 refurbished vehicles that I have shown to units on Fort Bragg, NC, just to get their input concerning the product. Response has been extremely positive.

"There is currently a Ground Precautionary Message that has recently been posted for all M105A3 trailers for replacement landing legs from Williams. This product will allow safety and ease of use for all applicable trailers. This is a Department of Defense Ground Precautionary Message, posted 20 May 2009.

"The lunette removal tool should be added to all unit-level kits as well. This will enable unit-level mechanics to properly remove lunettes without endangering soldiers or damaging equipment.

"The M989A1 trailer TeleSwivel® apparatus is an outstanding and beneficial idea. This item will remove the ground crew from a danger zone, when connecting with a truck. Any new production units of this trailer should definitely include the TeleSwivel® and Lift Assist Kit. Unit or Depot level mechanics should also retro-fit existing trailers that are currently in the field.

"I enthusiastically recommend the products from Williams Innovations. I would also recommend the Williams Innovations Team to anyone who has a problem concerning towing operations or trailer stability. They are an outstanding resource that provides innovative, easy to use, and cost effective solutions to complex problems."

William M. S.
CW5, OD, Senior Maintenance Officer
"With the TeleSwivel® in place, I hooked up and un-hooked the boat trailer several times, and each time I had no issues. My wife was surprised at how quickly we could do this instead of going forward and backward numerous times before we could get directly under the receiver to hook-up.

"The next time we went out with the Boat, my wife drove the truck and had absolutely no issues whatsoever. She said she likes this hitch assembly, especially since she had recently had a hip replacement. To hear this, it's telling me that this is an awesome piece of equipment, and other Boat & Trailer owners, including the handicapped, would need this.

"You are definitely on the right design track."

- Steve S., Senior Logistics Management Specialist
"I think that the system is an absolutely great invention. The ease of the system to get it into operation is an awesome thing to see. Saving soldiers time is key in the counter insurgency fight in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This new system will save a tremendous amount of time and the soldiers will absolutely love it."
- CPT, OD, Forward Support Company Commander
"This system not only mitigates existing risk, but also reduces manpower requirements for conducting trailer operations. This system is long overdue and needed in the field NOW."
- LTC, AV Bde XO