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TeleSwivel® Solution: Recreational

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SUV pulling trailer

Recreational Vehicles

Does trouble connecting your RV keep you off the open road? Do you hate the constant back-and-forth to hook up? Does your backup camera not help as much as you think it should?

RVing is a great pastime—one of the best ways to see the country, in fact! But connecting your RV to your truck (or your dinghy to your RV) can be a real challenge that can get your trip off on the wrong foot.

"I never used to be able to get exactly lined up, and I'd try to move the trailer the last little bit to get it onto the hitch. Well, when I was younger, that might have been OK, but since I retired, I can't do that anymore. And I don't want to—who wants to spend all their time at the campground with a heating pad? I got the TeleSwivel®, and it does the work for me.

—RV owner

Boating trailer hitches


Going to a horse show to compete is one of the highlights of being a rider.  Trailering your horse to the show is not....

"I love this hitch! Perfect height for the trailer - Thank you very much." 

—Jason S., NC Farrier

"This will make my life so much easier! This hitch practically has my name on it." 

—Janice L., Rider

"When I take just one horse to a show, I use my bumper pull trailer.  I load my tack and supplies, and then try and connect.  Try as I might, I have never been able to get the trailer and truck to align without a lot of help and a lot of trying.  When I finally get it done, I'm usually in a pretty lousy mood. 

"Since I got my TeleSwivel®, my life has changed.  I can usually get close enough on the first try, by myself, to use the TeleSwivel® to reach the trailer.  It couldn't be simpler—I just lower the jack stand, connect the power and safety chains, pull forward a bit and the TeleSwivel® locks in place.  Wow!  I'm in a great mood, my horse is relaxed, and we're off to have a great show!  Thanks, TeleSwivel®!"

—Equestrian Trainer

Boating trailer hitches


Have you ever woken up and decided not to go boating because it was such a pain to hook up your trailer?  Is your trailer hard to get to?  Is it difficult to get lined up on the first time?  Do you have to get someone else to help you?

"Before I got my TeleSwivel®, I would sometimes decide to just stay home instead of going fishing.  My boat is in the back yard, and I'd have to get my wife to come out and guide me back up and get aligned.  I love her dearly, but but guiding me onto the boat trailer is not her strong suit. We sometimes would have words during the process.  And if she wasn't home, I'd have to try by myself, which usually resulted in banging up the bumper of her SUV.  Not a good thing.  Now, I can just get close, use the TeleSwivel®, and pull the boat out by myself.  I'm going fishing a lot more often now!