TeleSwivel® Products

The TeleSwivel® is a solution to the age-old problems of connecting a trailer. With the TeleSwivel®, you just get close, and move the hitch, not the truck. It is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to connect a trailer. Ever. Click the series for details of configurations offered.

Trailer Hitch Adapters

210 Series

Up to 10,000 lbs GTW

310B Series

Up to 14,000 lbs GTW


Up to 14,000 lbs GTW
TeleSwivel 210 Hitch Adapter TeleSwivel 310 Bolt-on Hitch Adapter TeleSwivel 210/310AC Hitch Adapter

Trailer Hitch Receivers

400 Series

Up to 10 Tons GTW

600 Series

Up to 20 Tons GTW
TeleSwivel 400 Trailer Hitch Receiver
TeleSwivel 400 Trailer Hitch Receiver

Trailer Hitch Accessories

2" Hitch Ball

Rated at 10,000 lbs GTW


For use with TeleSwivel® BX Units

Dual Ball-Pintle Combo

Reversible Pintle Capture for 210AC/310AC


For use with TeleSwivel® 210AC/310AC
Trailer Hitch Ball rated at 10,000 lbs
Trailer hitch tri-ball Dual Ball-Pintle Combo

Dual Ball

With 2" and 25/16" balls

Ball-Pintle Combo

With 2" or 25/16" ball
Dual Ball
Ball-Pintle Combo