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TeleSwivel® Solution: Contractors

Do you have multiple work crews that need to have equipment at the job sites? Do you move equipment from place to place, but unhook the trailer while the work is being completed? Do you find reconnecting the trailer each time you need to move it to be time wasted since you are not on the job?

According to the National Utility Contractors Association:

Construction has the highest rate of back injuries of any industry except transportation. Every year, a back injury causes one in 100 construction workers to miss work—usually about seven workdays, but sometimes more than 30. Most of the back problems are lower back injuries brought on by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing, and pulling materials.

The TeleSwivel® 210 or TeleSwivel® 310 are an ideal way to eliminate injuries associated with lifting or lowering trailers, and an ideal solution to lower costs, too. Read our Total Cost of Trailering™ information, and download our paper on the subject.

"My business and my attitude have improved since I bought my TeleSwivel® hitch. I am able to send out a crew and driver, drop off the crew, and have the driver do a couple more runs. Then he can go refill gas cans, buy supplies, and pick up lunch, take it to the job sites, and move them all to the afternoon projects. And I'm free to manage the business and make sales calls to get more customers!"

—Landscape contractor