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TeleSwivel® Solution: Commercial Fleet

Boating trailer hitches
Sending work crews out in the morning to different job sites can require getting dozens of trailers connected to trucks.  While the crews are pretty good at connecting a trailer, it usually takes a couple attempts to get correctly aligned to be able to drop the coupler on the hitch—time that is better spent getting to work. 


"We've got TeleSwivel® hitches on all our delivery and service vehicles.  They save a couple minutes each time we connect, which adds up over the course of the day or week.  We set up our crews to work faster and serve more customers with a single truck that is equipped with a TeleSwivel®.

The TeleSwivel® team is great to work with—they came out and performed a fleet evaluation tailored to our business; did a return-on-investment calculation; and showed us how quickly the TeleSwivel® hitches would pay for themselves.  They were right, these are awesome products and solved a problem I didn't even know I had!"

—Fleet manager